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  • About Our Partnership

    Composed of Baylor’s Education Dean and Waco Area superintendents (i.e., for Waco ISD and the eight ISDs that border WISD) and collectively representing the great majority of the Waco MSA population. GWAS is a group of Waco-area educational leaders who meet monthly over breakfast (on a rotating basis at one of the member’s facilities, including Baylor) across the school/academic year to network, discuss and potentially act on matters of mutual concern or impact. Agendas are set by the host member based upon joint input from all members. All members are in regular contact electronically and at other informal opportunities that involve GWAS members. GWAS efforts range from mutual sharing and problem-solving on logistical/policy implementation/HR matters to addressing broad community requests to big-picture planning/discussions—and occasionally include invited area civic/post-secondary leaders or policy-makers, depending upon the issues.

  • Key Partnership Features

    Along with mutual sharing of ideas, major activities have included:

    • Developing a joint Waco Area Superintendents’ vision statement for K-12 public education in Waco (endorsed ultimately by each ISD governing board and enthusiastically received by the public at a community-wide forum)

    • Orchestrating the nine ISD governing boards to adopt common legislative priorities and a long-range plan to influence legislative action

    • Collaborating on cross-district initiatives like the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy (GWAMA) for students who wish to pursue academic-vocational goals that no single ISD has the resources to fully address independently

    • Joint professional development efforts that include or may be led by Baylor faculty.

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