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  • About Our Partnership

    The camp was developed to meet multiple goals, chief among them is to expose K-4th grade students from a low socio-economic elementary school in Abilene ISD to various literacy experiences using children’s literature. Additionally, the camp provides professional development for Abilene ISD teachers involved in each of the camp classrooms, supports undergraduate students while using pedagogical knowledge and skills, and serves children from diverse cultures, varied economic levels, and a range of academic backgrounds in a positive and productive climate.

  • Key Partnership Features

    The Chair, Department of Educational Studies designed and coordinated the three week interdisciplinary camp with input from the school principal, instructional coordinator, and counselor. The partnership engaged EC-6 and 4-8 ELAR majors enrolled in a Reading Practicum to develop the interdisciplinary curriculum for morning sessions; EC-12 Theater, Music, & Art Ed majors to develop the Fine Arts curricular connections for afternoon sessions; and, EC-6 and 4-8 ELAR majors not enrolled in summer classes to assist lead teachers and practicum students throughout the day. Additionally, teachers from grades K-4 in Abilene ISD, Hardin-Simmons University Fitness Sports & Wellness students enrolled in a summer class and alumni teachers from the local area worked with the program.

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