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    Dr. Barbara Davis

  • About Our Partnership

    The purpose of the Teacher Fellows Program (TFP) is to provide comprehensive induction support to beginning teachers in area school districts and to facilitate ongoing professional development for new and experienced teachers. Teacher Fellows (TFs), fully certified teachers who are Texas State graduate students, are contracted by the university to serve as beginning teachers in area school districts. In exchange, experienced classroom teachers from participating districts are released from teaching assignments to serve as mentors. Their role includes providing intensive, classroom-based induction and mentoring support for the TFs in the graduate program. For each mentor assigned to the program, the district selects three fulltime, certified TFs. Districts place the TFs in available elementary classrooms. Teacher Fellows earn a master’s degree (36 semester hours), tuition free, within a specified fifteen-month program and are supported by a fellowship stipend in lieu of district salary.

  • Key Partnership Features

    Program goals include the following:

    1. Increasing beginning teacher retention and classroom expertise by providing fulltime, classroom-based mentors and university faculty support;
    2. Providing on-going professional development for beginning teachers, mentors and program faculty with the goal of improving teaching practices and student outcomes;
    3. Enculturating beginning teachers into the school environment by providing classroom-based assistance with district procedures;
    4. Building collaboration between schools and the university to bridge the gap between theory and practice; and
    5. Enhancing teacher leadership skills through program coursework that offers opportunities for reflection on practice, classroom inquiry, and presentation skills.
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