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  • The Effective Schools Project (ESP)

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  • About Our Partnership

    The Effective Schools Project (ESP) is a collaborative professional development program founded at Tarleton State University in 1988-89 under the leadership of Dr. Jim Boyd, Dean of the College of Education and Fine Arts from 1987 to 1992. From its inception the primary goal of ESP has been school improvement, with the idea that improvement is an endeavor best accomplished through the collaborative efforts of universities and public schools. The guiding principles of ESP which have remained in effect for 25 years include:

    • Everyone will learn (pre-k through 16)
    • Schools control the conditions for success
    • Best practices must guide decision making
    • Collaboration creates ownership
    • Shared vision directs improvement
    • Improvement continues, and continues and continues
  • Key Partnership Features

    To accomplish the goal of school improvement the Jim Boyd Effective Schools Project delivers an annual program of professional development organized around a unifying theme. Professional development activities include workshops with organized follow-up activities, a professional journal, an annual planning retreat, a celebration and recognition of excellence, as well as additional institutes or mini-courses delivered as the need arises.

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