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  • Early Professional Development Initiative

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  • About Our Partnership

    Project NEXUS represents a unique and collaborative partnership between the University of North Texas, Denton Independent School District, Lewisville Independent School District, and the Texas Education Agency’s Region 10 Education Service Center. This partnership aims to provide high quality professional development for in-service teachers, teacher education faculty, teacher education candidates, and administrators to enhance their knowledge and skills on how to improve the mathematics and science academic and linguistic achievement of secondary English language learners (ELLs).

  • Key Partnership Features

    • Goal 1. Enhance the knowledge base of middle and high school in-service teachers in mathematics and science from the two surrounding local educational agencies (LEAs), Denton and Lewisville, through customized professional development for teachers to acquire the instructional skills and strategies to teach academic content and language development and acquisition to increase the academic achievement, graduation rates and entry into postsecondary education institutions for middle and high school ELLs.

    • Goal 2. Enhance the knowledge-base of the UNT education faculty in the mathematics and science 9-12 teacher certification programs through ongoing course content analysis and advanced professional development to integrate current evidence-based research and standards based instruction into the certification degree-granting programs for effective instruction and assessment for ELLs.

    • Goal 3. Analyze and evaluate project data to make project improvement decisions in order to impact the knowledge and skills of project participants, and make instructional improvement decisions in order to further ELL content mastery and narrow the achievement gap.

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