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  • TExES PREP Center

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    Department of Teacher Education Faculty

  • About Our Practice

    The Texas Woman’s University TExES PREP Center, officially launched in the Fall of 2012, has as its mission to:

    • Assist preservice teachers in successfully passing their TExES exams;
    • Assist practicing teachers in obtaining additional certifications;
    • Serve as an information clearinghouse on certification testing issues and resources;
    • Develop and pilot successful test taking strategies;
    • Enhance pedagogical and content knowledge of teachers;
    • Support ongoing professional development for preservice and inservice teachers.
  • Key Practice Features

    The TExES PREP Center website (www.twu.edu/texes-prep) serves as the entry or portal for the Center. Through the website users can obtain information and access to the four main conduits of resources and services.

    1. Practice TExES Exams
    2. TExES Preparation Workshops
    3. TExES PREP Center Blackboard Site
    4. TExES PREP Resource Center
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  • About Our Practice
  • Key Practice Features
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