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  • Multiple Reading and Literacy Courses

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    Dr. Ramona Pittman
    Texas A&M University - San Antonio

  • About Our Practice

    In the literacy courses I teach, students are exposed to the science of reading. Students learn the five components of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as relayed by the National Reading Panel (NRP). We spend an extensive amount of time going over each of these components.

  • Key Practice Features

    The practices described focus on:

    1. Developing Knowledge in the Content
    2. Modeling Pedagogy
    3. Using Technology

    In the foundations of literacy course, teacher candidates deepen their knowledge in the discipline by developing an engaging literacy center based upon a read aloud and a skill from any of the five components to effectively teaching reading. In a developmental reading course, teacher candidates have to create an early literacy toolkit for parents. In the foundational reading course, each teacher candidate must complete a “group-teach”. Finally, in all courses that I teach, teacher-candidates must incorporate technology into their assignments.

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About Faculty Practices

Exemplary faculty practices are innovative methods of conveying both knowledge and experience to teacher candidates in such a way as to prepare them to excel as leaders in the classroom.

Such practices may be the work on one faculty member, a group of faculty members or a department-wide practice in a teacher preparation program.

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Exemplary Defined

Exemplary faculty practices are those that provide teacher candidates a deep understanding of both content and the ability to put that content into classroom practice.

The ability to effectively translate knowledge into student learning helps make the difference between ordinary teachers and exceptional teachers.

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Key Practice Elements

Exemplary faculty practices share a common thread of creativity and innovation in their design.

These practices are intended to provide the optimum environment for teacher candidates to put learning theory into practice.  Often, exemplary faculty practices sharpen one or more key teaching competencies.

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