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  • Creating Experiential Learning and Addressing Diversity and Equity

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    Dr. Joan Berry
    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

  • About Our Practice

    The faculty in the Department of Education at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor strives to utilize best practices in guiding students in their quest to become highly-effective teachers. Two of their strongest areas of instruction are creating experiential learning and addressing diversity and equity.

  • Key Practice Features

    Experiential Learning components include:

    1. Sophomore placement in public school classrooms, during which students tutor, prepare materials, teach mini-lessons. Observations and evaluations are conducted by both university instructors and the public school mentor teachers.
    2. Collaboration through Pinterest.
    3. Participation in simulations in multiple courses to hone skills and reflect on strengths and weaknesses.

    Addressing Diversity and Equity components include multiple activities in the following courses:

    • Diverse Populations
    • English as a Second Language
    • Special Education
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  • About Our Practice
  • Key Practice Features
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About Faculty Practices

Exemplary faculty practices are innovative methods of conveying both knowledge and experience to teacher candidates in such a way as to prepare them to excel as leaders in the classroom.

Such practices may be the work on one faculty member, a group of faculty members or a department-wide practice in a teacher preparation program.

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Exemplary Defined

Exemplary faculty practices are those that provide teacher candidates a deep understanding of both content and the ability to put that content into classroom practice.

The ability to effectively translate knowledge into student learning helps make the difference between ordinary teachers and exceptional teachers.

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Key Practice Elements

Exemplary faculty practices share a common thread of creativity and innovation in their design.

These practices are intended to provide the optimum environment for teacher candidates to put learning theory into practice.  Often, exemplary faculty practices sharpen one or more key teaching competencies.

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