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  • Curriculum and Instruction Program Exemplary Field-Based Instructional Practices

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  • About Our Program

    The Curriculum and Instruction Program in the Dept. of Teacher Education at Texas Woman’s University implements exemplary field-based instructional practices across all courses in the program. At the undergraduate level, this coursework especially focuses on Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities. The Texas Woman’s University teacher education program incorporates field-based instructional practices to complement the aims of program alignment, scope and sequence, and includes early, frequent opportunities for field experience.

  • Key Program Features

    The Texas Woman’s University teacher education program embeds field-based instructional practices throughout applicable coursework. The program provides students with multiple venues to 1) experience the relationship of theory to practice in guided, hands-on experiences with Early Childhood-12th grade students in local settings, 2) interact regularly with a variety of stakeholders to reflect upon, analyze, and improve practice, and 3) build experience in the school and its community contexts. Key aspects of the program include:

    • Using 1:1 teacher candidate and student mentoring relationships to deepen understanding of the school community
    • Learning to effectively assimilation of technology and instruction
    • Design of instruction and assessment across varied grade levels, teachers and subjects
    • Exposure to urban and rural campus environments and their relative challenges
  • Full Program Description

    Download a full description of our program

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Field-Based Learning

Field-based learning opportunities allow teacher candidates to integrate academic and practitioner knowledge.  Field-based programs allow teacher candidates to:

  1. Apply theory to practice
  2. Reflect, analyze and improve
  3. Build experience in context

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Exemplary Defined

Exemplary field-based instructional practices are those that provide a wide range of opportunities for teacher candidates to work with students in schools.

Exemplary programs are those that focus especially-well on providing teacher candidates the opportunity and method to apply and refine their coursework learning.

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Key Program Elements

Exemplary field-based teacher education programs often share a core set of key components.  These key program components typically include:

  • Support and Monitoring
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Practice Improvement
  • Community Contextualization

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