• Secondary Teacher Education Program


  • About Our Program

    The Baylor University secondary teacher education program produces teachers who are knowledgeable in their area of certification and prepared for the challenges of the classroom. These competent, effective teachers are a result of a program that includes field experiences beginning in the freshman year. Baylor has created partnerships with schools in the Waco area providing extensive teaching experiences for secondary teacher candidates. These schools are designated as Professional Development Schools (PDS) or Partner Schools. A PDS is supported by a University Faculty Liaison and an onsite Baylor/PDS coordinator. The schools host freshmen and sophomore field experiences, junior teaching associate experiences, and senior internships. The field experiences occur at a variety of secondary schools in the Waco area and must include one middle school experience.

  • Key Program Features

    The field experience becomes content specific beginning with the sophomore teacher education course, TED 2340: Introduction to Secondary Education. This experience permits Baylor pre-service teachers to tutor one-on-one in their chosen area of certification. Multiple students may be tutored during this semester, but the objective of this field experience is for Baylor teacher candidates to tutor one student throughout the semester and prepare a detailed case study of their tutoring experiences.

    All field experiences during the junior and senior year take place in public schools under the supervision of both Baylor faculty and mentor teachers who are certified in the content area in which the candidate is seeking certification. The junior and senior year field experience must include one experience in an urban, diverse high school, and the other experience in one of the area suburban high schools. The junior field experiences include both small and large group classroom instruction and require the implementation of a 3-5 day unit plan during the fall semester and an 8-10 day unit plan during the spring semester.

    Baylor University requires all senior interns to participate in an annual action research project and presentation. This project is a year-long effort to address a classroom or learning issue identified by students during the fall semester of the internship. all semester.